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Lead and Copper Postcard


Dear Customer

Due to a new, recently implemented rule through EPA the District has been asked to compile an inventory of all service lines in our District. This inventory will be used to make a report that will be sent back to them. There are no customer names attached to the report, only addresses and account numbers. You will be receiving a yellow postcard in the mail with the questions that are necessary to complete the required report. Please return the card as soon as possible. There is a deadline by which time the report has to be submitted. You may return the card by including it with an account payment by mail, or drop off at District’s water treatment plant on the east side of Wetumka City Lake. For those of you that pay on-line you can take a picture of the card and send to: hughesrwd1@gmail.com. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PICTURE MUST INCLUDE THE ACCOUNT NUMBER. You may also take a picture of the card WITH ACCOUNT NUMBER and text to: 405-452-3367.

The inventory will have to be completed by fall. Any account without the required information may necessitate a manual determination of the connection material. This may require exposing the line to ascertain the type of material that is used on your side of the meter.

Thank you in advance for helping in this endeavor. With our sincerest gratitude, your management team at Hughes County Rural Water District #1.